Two Days and Counting

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to my travel blog. My trog, if you will.

I am now exactly 60 hours out from the Big Flight. Wowwow. So soon.

BIG NEWS OF THE DAY: I am not destined for homelessness! My friend Shruti got me in touch with her friends in Lima, and Rachel met them today, and they liked each other very much, and now we are going to live with them. My new roommates are artists, performers, and good cooks. More to come when I actually meet them.

In the meantime, tomorrow is the last day of training with SITI Company. Sad day. The training's been brilliant and hard and exciting. Hopefully I'll get a chance to train more with them when I come back to the States.

Oh! So, here's the story, in case I haven't filled you in:
Lima. 10ish months. I'll be working and studying with the brilliant theatre collective Yuyachkani and working on my Spanish and eating ceviche. Rachel will be studying Human Rights at the Catholic University and volunteering with organizations that support Domestic Workers in Lima and drinking pisco sours.

Okay. That's enough of an intro, I think. Plus I'm watching this Olympic ice skater dude do a performance to a remix of Amelie music, and it's really strange. I think I need to give him my full attention. Besos.

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  1. Hurrah for lack of homelessness.

    ...Would you mind crossposting? Because I know I'm going to forget to check this blog, unless I can:

    a. subscribe
    b. you otherwise put up notices on the SB that said: -updated!- (exactly in that format, otherwise I will ignore)
    c. posted the exact same post at the SB (crosspost).


    PS. jealousjealousjealous...I still want to visit. Is there any way to work this out with Rebecca's wedding?