Three Quick Updates

1. Cuy is juicy. It does not, for the record, taste like chicken. More like duck, I think. However, there is not much meat to be had, and the presentation is fairly appetite-killing. Google image "cuy" if you're curious, or just imagine a creature disarmingly reminiscent of a rat lying dead on a plate, crisped eyes and claws still intact. (If that last sentence grossed you out, please don't run a google search. Just take my word for it: Cuy is much tastier than it looks.)

2. I'm taking a workshop with Yuyachkani this week. It has been really great and is deserving of several posts. That will come. I will only mention that yesterday I saw a traditional Peruvian Resurrection dance that featured a mostly-naked Jesus playing the spoons (well, a similiar instrument, to be fair) and wearing a single rainbow-print glove. Who knew that Peru was so queer friendly?

3. It looks like Maleto is going to stay with us indefinitely.

More soon!


  1. I'm in the library and it was really hard to stifle my laughter while reading about the traditional Peruvian Resurrection dance. You are so funny! What an awesome thing to experience. Also, I really wish you hadn't recommended googling the image of cuy because the first thing that popped up was a picture of them disemboweling a guinea pig. Now I'm not so sure about trying one. Maybe if I cover its face with a napkin while eating it.


  2. Listen, Lauren. I tried to warn you. And yeah, I think the napkin's a good idea.

  3. Waiting for an appointment at the mac store-- catching up on you. This is an amazing image. Thank You!