Happy Birthday, Mom!

Hello to everyone, but a very special hello to my mom! As you may know, her birthday is on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I will be hiking in the Cordillera Blanca this week, so the birthday blog post has to come a little early.

Mom, in honor of our shared love of photos, here are a few new ones.

Whoever said I was the non-athletic Hanley?
This was after a game of futbol with my classmates.

5 AM, Easter Sunday in Ayacucho

Malato is no longer living with us; she has gone back to her true owner. Yes, she. It seems that I mistook her tumors for ... other body parts. An easy mistake to make. I miss her deeply.

In the Andes, just outside of Quinua and the Wari Ruins

The METROPOLITANO bus line was supposed to begin service back in December. There's still no sign of it, but there is a large cardboard model of the bus in a park in the center of Lima, complete with a smiling cardboard chofer (driver).

"Progress is coming... The METROPOLITANO is coming."

Love you, Mom! Happy birthday!

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