Happy Birthday, Miguelito!

Congratulations, Michael, on leaving your teenage years behind you. I and this enormous Ekeko wish you the happiest of birthdays.

Also, a brief story (in celebration, too, of us not getting our culos kicked by the Brits): I've been teaching English classes this week, and my students and I were talking about the World Cup. Peru, as you may or may not know, has not made it to the World Cup for about 30 years. Thinking of the joys and sorrows of being a Mariner's fan, I empathetically expressed my regret over the state of soccer in Peru. Then one of my students turned to me and said, "But the US is in it!"

I, trying as always to distance myself from US hegemonic power, replied, "Yeah, but they're not going to win."

My student blinked at me, then gently said, "Yes, but it is an honor just to be there." It was one of those moments that reminded me that sometimes, no matter how I try, I still think and talk like a norteamericana.

/story slash deeply meaningful sports metaphor ... Happy birthday, Michael!

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  1. Yeah, eff you Megan. You're such a jerk.

    Love, Lauren.